We are Investment Society Lausanne

Founded in 2019, we are the unique non-profit investment fund of the UNIL-EPFL campus and the largest one of the region of Lausanne. Our real portfolio is managed by motivated, driven, but above all passionate students. We provide our members support to develop practical investment skills that would eventually help them break into the investment industry.

Unique collaboration with RH Asset Management

Members of the Investment Society have the unique opportunity to closely interact with RH Asset Management SA.

  • Investing Bootcamp
  • Learn long-term value investing directly from professionals
  • Think tank
  • 3-day intense research challenge
  • Find undervalued investment opportunities alongside practitioners
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Our members are divided into 6 departments, investing in their own sectors of expertise. By specialising over time, we provide students a unique opportunity to gain specific industry knowledge and to invest real money in the markets. Each team is made up of analysts led by an elected portfolio manager, all working together to analyse the markets, pick stocks, manage current equities and pitch investment opportunities to members in different sectors.



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